What is Chapter 12 Bankruptcy for?


Chapter 12 Bankruptcy is for the family farmer or family fisherman

You must be a family farmer or a family fisherman with regular annual income to file a Chapter 12 Bankruptcy. So unless you are in the farming or fishing business this is not for you. However, if you are a family farmer or a family fisherman this may be you best option. Unfortunately, with droughts, floods, tornadoes, and the ever present pests ( the locusts and boll weevils do cometh) as well as low prices, all to many of our country's farmers have faced the difficult decision of filing Bankruptcy or losing the family farm. Family fisherman face an equally daunting dilemma, with not only the weather and the sea to contend with, but also increasing regulation of fishing grounds, catch limits, and species restrictions As with business bankruptcies there are just to many different scenarios which can exist. Offering a general or typical situation is just impossible. However, Congress has specifically provided relief in the Bankruptcy Code for farmers and fisherman so that farmers and fisherman can eliminate some debts and reduce other debts and gain time to reorganize their financial affairs.


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